The DigiCase

Bringing the back of your phone into the future

The DigiCase is the ultimate app-controlled phone case.  Featuring a TFT LCD screen the DigiCase allows people to control their DigiCase through our well-designed intuitive app giving your smart phone the power to do even more. Not only will the DigiCase provide you with the power to express yourself with a number of outstanding features, but it also has a 2000mAh battery which will provide emergency power to your smart phone.

Whether you want to take better photos, enhance your mobile gaming, or even just play a slideshow on the back of your phone, you can do all that and more with the DigiCase.

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DigiCase features

Take better photos with DigiCase

  • Take reverse selfies - work your angles with the better camera
  • Get the group looking good – let them see themselves when you’re taking group shots
  • And who’s missing out on being in the group shot to take the photo? No one! Use the DigiCase to take a photo with both the front and back cameras simultaneously. Capture the whole moment!

Put the back of your photo to use - no more wasted retail.

  • Screen mirroring - watch videos with other people, play games, the applications are endless for screen mirroring
  • Use your DigiCase as a slideshow on the back of your phone

No more power struggles with the DigiCase

  • Your DigiCase will act as an external battery when your phone battery gets low
  • No need to remove the case to charge – just plug the charger in to the DigiCase and it will charge both your phone and the DigiCase

The DigiCase is a phone protector

  • We have all done it! Dropped our phones. But no need to worry with the DigiCase as it has a protective film over the screen. We have you sorted!
  • While being the ultimate phone accessory, the DigiCase has your phone covered and has been designed as a protective case 

COMPETITION TIME - Want to win a DigiCase?

In 25 words or less tell us what your idea is for a cool feature to be included in the DigiCase.

Competition rules and details

Make sure you tell us what your idea is and pledge by 9th November to win a DigiCase for you and a friend. 

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Hurry entries close 9th November