Our journey

The begining

It all started back in July 2016, after constant daydreaming of business ideas every lunchtime. We, Michael and Dale were looking at this keyring. It had a small screen you could upload a few pictures to and customise it. Soon we were talking about what if you expanded the screen  and put it on the back of a phone to allow the same level of customisation. 

Over the next few weeks we continued to develop the idea, thinking of additional features we would put in the app as we realised the potential features a second screen could bring. Like most business ideas and plans that we all have made and talk about with our friends, it could easily have been one that continued on as a ‘what if’, but one lunchtime we looked at each other and we knew that if we didn’t try and build it, we’d regret it for the rest of our lives.

The middle

We then started researching companies who could help us bring our dream to life.  Within a month we had partnered with an Australian sourcing agent and an international manufacturer & we began the building of our proof of concept prototype.

Originally we had planned on building our case for the iPhone, however our research revealed that to meet the strict requirements that Apple have, wasn't going to be viable at this stage. the point it was ready for manufacture.

By February 2017 we had begun production of a non-functioning prototype that was based on the Samsung Galaxy S8. We planned to launch in late 2017 with a range

covering the S8, S8+, S7 and S7Edge. Knowing the S8 would be the most complex to design and build, due to its smaller size, we focussed on prototyping for that, as scaling up is simpler.  With the help of our partners, Strategic Sourcing Australia and TGL, we went on to produce additional prototypes for Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8 and S8+.

It is no where near the end

And here we are, we are proud of what we have achieved so far, all self funded and now we need your help.

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